Basic courses - Technical Drawing

Overview of the various basic courses "Technical drawing". From the pages of the basic courses you can go to the individual scripts.

Basic I
The technical drawing Basic deals with the basic elementary knowledge about the technical drawing. These include the basic principle of representation of three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional drawings, the necessary tool, drawing formats, line types, etc. Bema├čungsgrundlagen

Basics II
In technical drawing basics II to the Basic technical drawing is primarily about specific methods of illustration and views. Thus, for example, cuts, the workpiece edge, thread and similar elements in the drawings meant.

Basics III
technical drawing basics III deals with the specific standards of the dimension of technical drawings. These include the dimension of repetitive elements, drawing, the arrangement of dimensions and the like.

These bases will provide a first insight into the field of technical drawing and the most important information for a successful launch mediate.
Since the site is still under construction, are not all the basic courses fully incorporated. With time, however, more and more content about technical drawing added.