Display Technology - Projection

The basic principle of the Technical drawing is the representation of a three-dimensional body (usually it is a component or assembly) in a two-dimensional drawing. To the uniqueness of the drawing to realize, we see the body mainly in various views (eg from the front from the side and rear).
Complex components may require that the carcasses of several pages (ie, multiple views) must constitute representations or even cut through the component must draw round. More about drawing you will find here: how to draw. German drawing guides can be found here: Zeichnen lernen

three-dimensional body
Spatial three-dimensional drawing of a body including hidden edges

For the way it represents the two-dimensional views, there is the technical drawing a specific approach. The approach is called projection. It also serves to better imagine because many people do not easily fall into a three-dimensional part of a two-dimensional view to draw.

It may projecting at the Technical Drawing as follows imagine: A body floats in the corner of a room and its Three of the walls opposite sides are projected on the walls. As if the body is made of glass and the light would be its edges to the wall would throw. These imaginary projection glite at least for the main views: The front view, side view and top view.
In the drawing below is a projection of a simple body verbildlicht again.

Projection of the three Hauptansichen a body in a corner room

The three typical views expressed in this projection, are in technical drawing in a so-called three-panel image. The three-panel painting is basically a liquidation of the body. How such a three-panel screen with front view, side view and top view for a simple body (in this trap is a cuboid with a bore) can look, you see in the drawing below.

three main views
The three main views of a body depicted in a painting (left)
In addition to the three-dimensional body with the hidden edges dashed drawn (right)

The projection and the painting are, in principle, the cornerstone of technical drawing and should therefore be deeply internalized. Only someone who understands the projection is also capable of drawing a technical component of a session.