Line types and their application

There are technical drawings of different lines, whose application for underwriting certain elements is foreseen. A line can be a straight or a curve, they must have a specific starting point and an endpoint, and may be with or without interruption through his. The rules for lines in technical drawings are in the ISO 128-20 described.

Here is a list with different line types and their application:

1. Full line, narrow

  • Dimension line
  • Maßhilfslinie
  • Light Edge
  • Note and reference lines
  • Hatch
  • Short funds lines
  • Thread reason
  • Maßlinienbegrenzung
  • Diagonally crosses the flat surfaces characterize
  • Bending lines (with tubes and machined parts)
  • Umrahmungsen (from Prüfmaßen/Form- and position tolerances and details)

2. Freehand line, narrow

  • Drawing of views and limitations interrupted cuts (drawn freehand)

3. Criss-cross line, narrow

  • Drawing of limitations interrupted views and slices (with automatic character Signed)

4. Volllinie, broad

  • silhouette visible
  • visible edge
  • Thread Gust
  • Limit the usable length of thread
  • Form division lines

5. Streak line, narrow

  • covert edges
  • covert outlines

6. Streak line width

  • Identification of surface treatments

7. Streak point line, narrow

  • Midline
  • Symmetry Line
  • Part circle (with holes)
  • Part circle (with teeth

8. Streak point line, wide

  • Cutting levels
  • Identification of division lines in the form of cuts
  • Identification of limited areas, e.g. Treatment

9. Two-stroke point line:

  • Focus lines
  • Outlines of adjacent components
  • End positions of movable parts

If you are a beginner in technical drawing, you will see the stichpunktartigen information on the cases of application of different line types is not very anschlaulich be. But in a concrete example of the use of various types in technical line drawings is still in secondary scripts on this site received.