Instructions for creating technical drawings

In this guide to preparing technical drawings describes what to look out for you when you create a technical drawing wants and how to tackle the problem.

1. Sheet size and scale drawing to choose

If you have a technical drawing of a component or assembly wants to create, there is first the question of the appropriate sheet format and drawing the appropriate scale. Important in the election is that the drawing object in a meaningful way (with all details), and can Dim.
For example, you have a large component, but a very simple geometry possesses, it is better to choose a small format and the component with a corresponding smaller scale.

2. Character sheet for Technical Draw

If you opt for a sheet format has decided it is in the correct labeling of the leaf. This includes the correct margin and the writing field in which information such as the designation for the component, by the scale, materials, name of creator, etc. If you have a whole assembly is characterized, can be found on the sheet nor a BOM write for the it was already beginning to be a place reserved.
Practical way, there are special characters for technical drawing paper that already has the edge and the letters are presaged field.

3. Drawing positioning

Before you about where you subscribe to the paper positioned, one must first consider what views you want to show (front view, side view, top view, etc.) or what views for the clear presentation of the component needed.
The views in the panel should be on the drawing paper positioned that the distance between the horizontal views and the edge of the paper are equal. In the verticals, the individual views of technical drawings have the same distance as in the horizontal. The distance from the edge above and below the correspondence should be equal.

4. The Technical drawing

To the technical drawing to create one first draws the outlines of the components in the different views. Then you can work the other edges and Central lines. These lines can be completely quiet through and from a view to the next, in order to create the different views easier.
These lines are außderem as guides as they are the creation of technical drawing easier. Later, these lines (the one with the pencil draws) wergradiert again.

If this work on the technical drawing is finished, you can remove superfluous guides. Remain the real workpiece edge - the draft for technical drawing. If everything is correct, you can pencil drawing with the ink pen and draw after it receives the ink drawing.

5. Dim and labeling of technical drawing

What's missing are the dimensions, the surface data, the toleration and all other information that is on the technical drawing accommodate wants. All this information can now on the drawing is placed.