Formats & paper folding

A) Paper Sizes

For the Technical Drawing as basic characters often transparent paper, cardboard characters and transparent character foil is used. Practical way, there are special papers for technical drawing, in which the frame and the writing field are already preprinted.
Typical formats for the Technical Drawing in the European region are drawing formats A4 to A0:

DIN A4: 210mm × 297mm
DIN A3: 297mm × 420mm
DIN A2: 420mm × 594mm
DIN A1: 594mm × 841mm
DIN A0: 841mm × 1189mm

B) Paper folding

Technical drawings in booklet folders, binders and the like to archive, the drawings (so far is the drawing is not an A4 format) be folded to make it to the size of an A4 paper to get.
The folding of technical drawings is DIN 824 standardized. In the picture below you can see how the different sizes of paper folded.