Group Drawings

When Technical Drawing in a drawing can not just individual parts / pieces are displayed, but also entire assemblies. An assembly is an assembly of several (ie at least two) parts. This can be a simple gland but also a complete machine, vehicle or other be.
In group drawings or overall manufacturing drawings are no technical details such as Tolerances, surface data and so on. You can subscribe at a group of technical drawing, but instructions for assembly add. Therefore, the group also often drawing as the assembly drawing or assembly drawing means.

Bill of material in Group drawings

You can also group drawings depicted BOM for the assembly place. A BOM is a table in which all the parts and subassemblies that are to include the appropriate modules. It contains i.d.R. The following information, which are divided into columns:

  • Pos (position / numbering)
  • Volume (quantity, length, weight of the component or the position in the assembly)
  • Unit (eg piece, length in meters, mm, etc., weight in kilograms ...)
  • Bennenung (name of the component)
  • Part / Standard
  • Remark