Hardness data

Hardness data for parts and component surfaces in technical drawings are in accordance with DIN 6773 - to -5 standardized. The hardness of a surface with different procedures can be checked (Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness or Brinell hardness). In the technical drawing can be a value for the hardness specify by focusing on one of the test procedure applies.

Abbreviation for hardness
HRC = Rockwell hardness
HV = Vickers hardness
HB = Brinell hardness

The indication of hardness values in technical drawings will be the test and a value. You can also specify the heat treatment method (hardening, tempering, compensation, edge hardening, case hardening, nitriding).
If a component is not completely hardened to be or areas with different hardness should possess, it can be done in the technical drawing also identified. These areas can be obtained by semicolon lines and define dimensions.