Simplified drawing of work pieces

Simplified drawing of repeating geometries

If geometries of several pieces repeat, this can be in technical drawings also simplifies draw. The condition is that the repetition of the corresponding regular geometries. In addition, the technical drawing even in the simplified form is still clear.

To form a recurring element simplified way, you have only a narrow Volllinie in lieu of each element draw. For holes (holes) is the Central Cross einzuzeichnen. In the simplified representation must be at least one of the elements (usually the first) will be fully subscribed. Furthermore, always the total number of form elements in the drawing may be indicated.

An example of the simplified representation of shapes you see in the picture below.

Simplified drawing of holes
Example of the simplified representation of holes in technical drawing

Simplified drawing of slight Tendencies

If a component low inclinations are available (chamfers, cones, etc.), the drawing is clearly no longer can be represented, this can be in technical drawing completely omit. The slant is then simply as a straight edge drawn.

Simplified drawing of penetrations

If two or more bodies penetrate, you can in the technical drawing is very shallow penetration curves (for penetration of two cylinders), or even very low-cut lines omit transferees.