Surface & roughness data

Technically drawing in this script describes how information on their surfaces as well as in technical drawings Rauhigkeiten frame.
Details of the Rauheitswerten of certain surfaces or an entire workpiece is often necessary to ensure that the appropriate component also can fulfill its function.

Surface Symbols

Before showing how the surface information in a technical drawing frame, we first of all the different surface symbols and their meanings.

The base symbol for surface and Rauheitsangabe consists of two lines. It should only be used in conjunction with an additional text information may be used.

On this Interface symbol is a procedure handled by materialabtrennende surface. This statement contains no further details.

This symbol indicates a surface in the delivery of state (Shell) will leave. That means it must e.g. no (or any other) materialabtrennenden processing are made.

Oberflächen-Rauhigkeit Symbol
Should specific surface data set will be the base surface icon to a horizontal long line extended. As this additional information will be entered, you learn in the next list of points.

Oberflächen-Rauhigkeit Symbol
If all the surface of a work piece surface of the same nature have to add the surface of a circle symbol added.

Oberflächen-Rauheit Symbol
The icon interface with the possible additional information. These are defined as follows:

a = indication of the Rauheitswertes in microns (except Ra)
b = indication of a manufacturing process or a surface treatment
c = indication of the Rauheitswertes (maximum authorized value) in microns. Is behind the letters (eg, ref, Ra) indicated
d = indication of the direction of grooves, through the appropriate manufacturing processes caused by
e = indication of the treatment Addition in mm
f = indication of the ripple in microns, or the reference distance in mm

Registration of surface information in drawings

Surface data in technical drawings must be placed so that they are from the bottom or right read. If it is not possible to realize this arrangement, the symbol can also place elsewhere. In this case, the symbol surface but no information about specific surface or editing encores included.
But it also allows an auxiliary line on the surface of the symbol. From the auxiliary line from Maßpfeil must be a corresponding surface on the show.

In the picture below you can see an example of how a single process a surface in a technical drawing can be allocated.

Surface symbol for Technical Drawings
Surface symbol for Technical Drawings

With this type of surface indication, however, describes only the characteristics (machining, roughness, Herstelungsverfahren etc.) one or more of a workpiece certain surfaces. If you have a surface indication define wants, for the entire workpiece should apply, you must be a surface icon in the upper right corner of the drawing place.
It is still possible different surfaces indicate a surface allocate as described previously. This information will be used again in parentheses after the general surface symbol drawn.