Chamfers & cuts Dim

As chamfers are beveled area designated by the Edit - also called abfasen - an edge on a workpiece arise. Chamfers are usually the blunting of sharp edges of the workpiece appropriate to reduce risk of injury.
Reductions are basically the same as chamfers, only that they be given boreholes. Sense of Senkngen is often that one bolt, etc. light waves in the hole may introduce.

Chamfers Dim

For chamfers, there are two basic dimensions: the width and angle.
When a 45 ° bevel angle has sufficient dimension to a simple reference line with the Maßanaben "45 ° x width" (eg 45 ° x 1). If the angle of the bevel deviates from 45 °, you Angular width and separated from each other dimension.

Dim cuts

Reductions can be in the same way Dim. In addition, you have the opportunity kegeligen cuts the dimension of the Außendruchmesser and Senkwinkel or on the Senkwinkel and Senktiefe.