Dimensioning cones

Another special form of technical draw when measurement is the Dimension of cones. The dimensions of bowling according to ISO 3040th

For the standard measurement for following are Taper extent required:

  • The rejuvenation of the cone on a ratio of 1: x or on an angle
  • The diameter at a point of the cone
  • If the non-dimensioned diameter at the beginning or end of the cone is, you need to replace the dimensioned diameter also Dim
  • The angle of the rejuvenation / 2 as Hilfsmaß (in brackets)

The ratio of Verjügung is using a special symbol for the Dimension of tapered indicated. The cone is a triangle symbol, which is based on a reference line. An arrow points from the reference line on one of the tapered flanks. The relationship Necking is behind the cone-registered symbol.