Dimensioning elements

In this TZ Guide describes how to form different elements correctly dimensioned. Under the form elements are, for example, diameter, radii, arcs, quadratic forms, etc. to understand. The Bemaßungsregeln shown here are the basic rules of the dimension of the Technical Drawing.

Dimensioning diameter

For complete elements of the dimension is always the sign of the diameter measure set. Thus, it is immediately apparent to everyone that it is acting in diameter, although this view from the corresponding possible way is not at all clear.
Diameter can also both from the inside, as well as external dimension.

Dimensioning Radii

A radius is calculated using an arrow dimensioned. Before the measure is the letter 'R' asked, so it is apparent that it is an act radius.

Dimensioning quadratic elements

To quadratic form elements Dim, before the measure (similar to diameters) a square icon set. To increase the transparency and clarity of technical drawing, you should always quadratic elements in a view dimension in which we can recognize that it is a square shape.

Dimensioning Bullets

In the dimension of balls before the measure is the letter 'S' set. Bullets can be either with an arrow on the arc of the ball dimensioned or through a standard dimension with guides and dimension line.

Dimensioning Bows

If you arches dimensioned, you just put a bow before the icon or on the measure. If the arch over a 90 ° angle below, it draws you two auxiliary lines, which are parallel to the arch angle bisector lost. If the angle is greater than 90 °, characterized the guides to the center of the arc addressed.

Dimensioning Key width

The concept of distance is key elements such as bolts and nuts known. Basically it means the distance between two opposing surfaces. To the key width at the technical drawing to Dim, you simply set the letter 'W' against the measure. Key lengths are standardized according to DIN 475.

Dimensioning Rectangular shapes

When technical drawing, there is a simple rectangular shapes Dim. One must simply the product of the length and depth and height of the element (eg 20x10x4). A reference line shows the corresponding rectangular element. The length of the side of the rectangular element, on which the notice is scheduled shows in the products as first indicated.

Moreover, in view of a second show, whether the rectangular element is a sublime depth or shape.