Dimension grooves

Definition grooves in waves and hub

As a groove when drawing technical or engineering in an oblong groove or deepening understood, in waves and at hub may be present. The sense of groove is often mechanical engineering at the recording Primarily a passport, which has a final shape between shaft and hub manufacturing. One speaks here of a keyway - this runs achsial to a wave.

Another application of the grooves is mounting a backup ring or seals (O-ring). These grooves run around the circumference of a wave or a hub (ie radial).

Dimension Keyway

In the dimension of grooves in waves and hub distinction is the dimension of open and not open slots. (Explanation: A groove is designated as open if the groove over the entire shaft and hub extends, the groove is not over the entire length of the shaft / hub through one speaks of an open slot). This refers i.d.R. to feather.

Open keyway in a cylindrical shaft:
In open slots by Nutboden to opposite side of the shaft dimensioned.

Not open keyway in a cylindrical shaft:
With a groove will not open the groove depth of the Wellenoberfläch on the side of the groove until Nutboden dimensioned. The groove width in both cases (in principle) as a perfectly normal level indicated, however, is the Nutrbreite often with a tolerance provide.

Dimension Grooves for securing rings and seals

A groove for a backup ring or seal can be easily over the groove width and the Wellendruchmesser dimension, because this kind of exploitation is always bleeding.