Dimension Relief Groove

Definition "Relief Groove"

Free engravings are rounded edges on paragraphs of turning parts. In engineering brings relief to parts to grinding the grinding wheel is free to allow for leakage. A second advantage of a relief is that the notch, in sharp cates is particularly high, by smoothing reduced.

Dimension of Relief Grooves

The dimensions of free bites is for technical drawing DIN 509 standardized. When one dimension is different then the Clear stitch forms E, F, G and H. The different forms are free stab in the table below precisely defined. Whether it is an external (eg a wave) or internal (eg a hub) in paragraph applies does not matter.

If you have a free sample draws, you can either completely or simplified sign to show. In the simplified representation must, however, the form, radius and the depth of the relief (with a reference arrow) indicate. This information may e.g. as follows: DIN 509-E1x0, 2
The indication from the example indicates that the Clear Stich (DIN 509) form the 'E' has a radius of 1mm and a depth of 0.2 mm.