Dimensioning System

By Dimension describes it - as you probably already know - the geometry of a component clear. Important to know is that there are different systems or in other words "approaches" are components to Dim.

Depending on how dimensioned and tolerated or from where one draws the dimension line, is a Maßeintragung:

  • functionally,
  • production-related or
  • verifying-related.

Functionally Dimensioning

In the functional dimension is the technical drawing from the viewpoint of proper function of the component or assembly dimensioned. That means that the dimensions chosen so registered and be tolerated that a component in turnkey condition or used up its function.
What "functional dimension" really means, opens to a probably best if you do technical drawings. In plain text form, it might be something intangible sound.

Production Based Dimensioning

The measure takes this process of consideration for the manufacture of the component - also in view of the manufacturing process. The production-dimension is basically from the functional dimension generated, as well continue the functioning of the component must be ensured.
In this process dimension should not be necessary to that extent must be converted to produce the individual parts. The production-dimension should it so the pavers facilitate the component manufacture.

Verifying-related Dimensioning

When prüfbezogenen dimensions are the dimensions and tolerances in the technical drawing entered for the examination of the individual parts are important.