Styles of recording dimensions

Maßeintragung exist for the different methodologies used in this online script for technical drawing described.
The following list contains the various Maßeintragungsarten, below you can create a description for each Bemaßungsart read.

  • Parallel dimensioning
  • Rising dimensioning
  • Coordinates dimensioning

Parallel dimensioning

The dimension line in the Parallelbemaßung each as a separate dimension line parallel to each other or, if it's angle is, concentric to each other.

Rising dimensioning

When the dimension is rising for every dimension direction basically only one dimension line drawn. For each component dimensions to edge a Maßhilfslinie withdrawn. The first Maßhilfslinie represents the origin, which by a circle symbol will be. The measures will include the origin of continuously high.

Coordinates dimensioning

The term Koordinatenbemaßung is the dimension polar coordinates using the dimensioning and using Cartesian coordinates.
In the polar coordinate measurement by a source from using a radius and an angle dimensioned. The polar coordinates are in a table.
In the dimension with Cartesian coordinates are over two coordinates (eg x and y coordinate) score indicated. The coordinates may be sent directly to the place the item will be included.